Birth traumas: how to recover safely with postnatal osteopathy

Physically one of the most challenging moments in life, childbirth happens to be ‘traumatic’ for 1 every 3 women. Whether delivery was difficult (even the slightest) and/or c-section was necessary, it is common to end up with what we call birth traumas. Mothers and babies can experience physical and psychological consequences from childbirth, from big or small injuries to postnatal Baby Blues or even depression.

This is why it is important to question yourself on whether your delivery has been traumatic and get help from osteopathy to relieve from physical and emotional traumas.

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Postnatal Depression or Baby Blues: what if osteopathy can help me?

Childbirth is undeniably one of the most overwhelming moments in a woman’s life and even if the delivery goes as well as you could possibly imagine, it is common to suffer from different consequences, physical or psychological.

In the year following delivery, 1 woman out of 10 will experience what we call PND (postnatal depression) or Baby Blues. As a psychological effect of childbirth, the signs of postnatal depression can be subtle and not as easy to recognise as we imagine.

Here’s a little guide to help you spot the signs of postpartum depression and how you can benefit from osteopathy.

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Sexual dysfunctions and sexual pain during sex in women: what are they and what are the solutions

Article by our women’s health specialist

Many women experience what is called sexual dysfunctions at some point in their life, and at any age. Sexual problems affect 30% of young and middle-aged women and can sometimes goes up to 50% of older women.

But what is a sexual dysfunction exactly, what are the causes and how can we treat it? Here’s a little guide to help you self-diagnose sexual problems that physiotherapy can help with. Read more

Postnatal Women’s Health check up in London, Be sure to be well

Mummy’s physio is a French Physiotherapy practice in London specialising in helping pregnant women and new mothers overcome any issues they experience as a result of their pregnancy or giving birth. However, we don’t only stop there, we dedicate ourselves to resolving a variety of health issues specific to women and helping women lead a healthier and happier life.
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The Hypopressive Method, a revolution for the female body! Incontinence, Back Pain, Pelvic Pain treatments in a safe and efficient way

Training the pelvic floor muscles is crucial for any woman after giving birth in order to avoid incontinence or overactive bladder issues, back pain, pelvic pain or loss of sexual sensation. Getting back in shape and a flat stomach is also important. The Hypopressive Method is the ultimate method to work on all this condition in a safe and efficient way. Read more