Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage for swollen legs during pregnancy, heavy legs, circulatory problems & oedema, London home visit physiotherapy treatment


Lymphatic drainage in London

In order to avoid those uncomfortable sensations and swollen legs during your pregnancy, Mummy’s Physio offers manual lymphatic drainage and circulatory massage with cryo cream which stimulates blood return.
Manual lymphatic drainage is a very soft tissues massage using light pressures in a specific order and specific rhythm to stimulate the lymphatic system and bring back the lymph in its normal flow. It is the most efficient treatment to avoid and to relieve swollen and heavy legs,cellulite or oedemas.
Depending from where you problem comes from or if you prefer, you can also choose circulatory massage which is deeper tissue massage than lymphatic massage and is very efficient to stimulate the blood return.
This lymphatic drainage or massage will bring you immediate relief, lightness and comfort you deserve during your pregnancy. As the treatment will take place at your home, you will be able to increase the benefits of the lymphatic drainage or massage by relaxing in bed afterwards, lying down with you feet up (position improving the circulation)

Why do you need Lymphatic Drainage during pregnancy?

From the third trimester of pregnancy some circulatory problems often appear: swollen legs, or/and feet, oedemas, cramps. The poor circulation is responsible for the uncomfortable sensation of tired and heavy legs.
The poor circulation, in turn, is the consequence of two main factors generating poor blood return and water retention:
The first one, mechanic, is the result of the compression of the inferior vena cava (IVC) by the uterus that expands with the baby and compresses the main vein carrying the blood up from the legs. With the growth of your baby the compression increases and the normal blood return to you lower limbs decreases.
The second factor is hormonal and linked to the high concentration of oestrogen and relaxin secreted by your body during pregnancy. Indeed, these two hormones decrease the tonus of your veins.
As your veins become hypotonic and are compressed by your womb, it becomes more difficult for the blood to flow back to the upper body; thus it stagnates in the lower limbs longer. This, together with the water retention, causes your legs to swell and makes them feel heavy and tired. The circulatory disorders can sometimes continue after the pregnancy or can appear even without pregnancy.

Lymphatic drainage is also effective if your are not pregnant ( cellulite, swollen legs, surgery)

Lymphatic drainage is not only for pregnant women. It also relieves men and women alike suffering from oedema due to cancer, a surgery or an accident.
It is also effective for people with circulatory problems or heavy leg sensation. From an aesthetic view, lymphatic drainage allows you to lose unwanted inches on tights and buttocks by removing cellulite and avoid the orange peel effect.

Why suffer the pain when you can have a comfortable pregnancy?

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