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Women’s Health Physiotherapist Job in London, UK. Full Time / Part Time / Locus / Extra. Women’s Health Physiotherapy position & vacancy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy job / position in London, UK

Mummy’s Physio is a physiotherapy practice in London, UK offering Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Home or at our Practice. Our Women’s Health Physiotherapy practice is growing and we regularly look for new Women’s Health Physiotherapists to work with us. We regularly offer full time physio job, part time physio job or extra work position (for Women’s Health Physio who wants to do extra work during the week-end or on at specific hours of the week).

How to apply for our Women’s Health Physiotherapist job in London, UK

If you wish to apply for a women’s health physiotherapy position in our clinic, you can send us your CV and a covering letter explaining your experience in women’s health to

Part Time Women’s Health Physiotherapist Vacancy in London: 23/12/2018

Mummy’s Physio is looking for a passionate and independent self employed female physiotherapist with experience in women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

We are looking for a part time physio for home visit treatments.
We are flexible with working time and days but it will include saturdays and 1 Sunday /month.
The Position can become full time in the futur and could include practice sessions too.

You need to be HCPC registered and have a good contact with patients.
You need to be independent in your treatments and able to make your own schedule.
You could also have MSK and paediatric patients if you have experience in this field.
Good salary, you will be paid between 33£ and 57£ per session depending of the length of the sessions and location.
Good practice and team spirit.

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