Women’s Health Osteopathy Barbican EC1

Postnatal & Pregnancy Osteopathy treatments in Barbican EC1 in the City of London near Moorgate, Barbican & Old Street Stations

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online.
Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

Please note that our Barbican branch is now closed.

The Light Centre Monument 36 St Mary at Hill, Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU

Women’s Health Osteopath for Postnatal and Pregnancy treatment in Barbican EC1

women's health physiotherapist pregnancy postnatalOur pregnancy and postnatal osteopaths have the extensive knowledge and experience to examine and treat women for their pregnancy-related queries and concerns. Since attaining their qualifications, our specialists are able to care for mothers during pregnancy as well as after birth.

Our French osteopath is qualified in pregnancy and women’s health treatments and also holds the knowledge, degree and experience in baby osteopathy. You can rest assured that you and your baby will be attended with the best possible care for your peace of mind.

Osteopathy treatment adapted to your condition

Our Osteopaths in Barbican will use a wide range of techniques such as visceral osteopathy, structural osteopathy and cranial osteopathy depending on your needs to ease your discomfort while pregnant or after giving birth.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

To book a pregnancy or postnatal osteopathy appointment in Barbican 02071250262 / 07824553765

Postnatal & Pregnancy Osteopathy treatments in Barbican EC1

Our osteopath can treat you at our Barbican clinic at Templeton House in the heart of the City of London EC1 with the nearby Barbican, Moorgate and Old Street stations being only a short walk away.

Address of our osteo clinic in Barbican:

Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SF

Home Visit Postnatal & Pregnancy Osteopathy treatments

We understand that travelling can be difficult while pregnant or with your little one so pregnancy and postnatal osteopath can see you for a home visit osteopathy treatment in Barbican area and East London. Our osteopath in Barbican will visit you at home and will treat you in the same way than in our clinic.

Pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy Treatments in Barbican EC1

We offer the following pregnancy, osteopathy and postnatal osteopathy treatments in Barbican EC1:

We also offer classes in:

  • Baby carrying, in order to protect both your baby and avoid mummy’s thumb Barbican EC1
  • Breastfeeding, in order to protect your posture and aid your baby’s digestion Barbican EC1

Orthopaedic Osteopathy in Barbican EC1

General, MSK & Orthopaedic osteopathy treatments for adults at our Templeton House practice, Barbican EC1 in East London

Pregnancy Osteopathy in Clapham SW4

Our highly trained pregnancy specialised osteopaths offer treatment in Clapham SW4 for pregnancy pain, preparation and rebalancing

Women’s Health Osteopathy Treatment for Postnatal and Pregnancy in Barbican EC1 in the City of London

The treatments that we offer are beneficial to help soothe or strengthen the area you would like to be seen for. These can be related to pelvic pain or if you are struggling to breathe, back pain and pelvic girdle pain. Other concerns we can help with are pain after the epidural and hand and wrist pain from carrying your baby for long periods of time.

Whatever question or query you have, please do not hesitate to ask. Our therapists are at hand to assist and they speak both English and French. If you would also like to enquire on breastfeeding or what the best ways are to carry your new-born without causing strain and discomfort to you, our therapists can help with that as well.

Treatments are available for your new borns as well and the osteopathy sessions are valuable and comforting for first time mothers. Our paediatric osteopath in Barbican can treat your baby from constipation, reflux and digestive disorders, as well as any orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Our paediatric osteopath in Barbican are available to see your baby at our centre in Barbican as well as in the comfort of your home so you can be relaxed in your own environment, knowing that your baby will get the best possible care.

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online.
Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

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