Postnatal & Pregnancy Osteopathy Moorgate EC2

Postnatal & Pregnancy Osteopathy treatments in Moorgate EC2 in Central London near Moorgate, Monument & Liverpool street Stations

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Please note that our Moorgate branch is now closed.

The Light Centre Monument 36 St Mary at Hill, Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU

Women’s Health Osteopath for Postnatal and pregnancy in Moorgate EC2

Our French osteopath helps women during pregnancy and delivers postnatal care in Moorgate EC2. She is specialised in women’s health and babies’osteopathy.

Our osteopaths based in London are highly qualified and specialised in perinatal & women’s health osteopathy (baby-mother). Since successfully obtaining their degrees, they have gain a strong experience caring for new mothers and accompanying pregnant women and women for postnatal care.

Our osteopaths use specific and adequate technics to ease pregnant women and postnatal conditions.

Women’s Health Osteopathy treatment for Postnatal and pregnancy in Moorgate EC2

Amongst all treatments our osteopaths help in soothing pelvic pain, pregnancy discomfort (such as back and pelvic girdle pain or even breathing issues), wrist and hand pain occurring when carrying your baby, or pain after epidural.

If required, our osteopaths can advise on breastfeeding and the best way to carry your baby to avoid back pain.

Babies can as well benefit from osteopathy sessions. Our osteopaths follow and help babies with reflux, constipation and digestive disorders, as well as orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Our osteopaths speak fluently English and French. They will therefor be able to answer any question you might have. Please note babies are seen at the Belgravia Centre or at home.

Our osteopath in Moorgate is recognised by all major health insurances and our practice is Axa PPP recognised.

Contact for our osteopathy practice in Moorgate

Light Centre Moorgate, 114 London Wall, London EC2M 5QA

02071250262 / 07824553765

Postnatal & Pregnancy Osteopathy treatments in Moorgate EC2 and at Home in London

Our practice offers osteopathy services for pregnant women and post delivery at the Morgate Light Centre, EC2. The closest tube stations are Moorgate, Monument and Liberpool Street in central London.

We are aware it might be complicated to come to the practice when pregnant or with a new born, therefor we offer home visit sessions Monday to Saturday, as well as Sunday when available. Our osteopaths can, thus, do home visits in all central London.

Pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy Treatments in Moorgate EC2

We offer the following pregnancy osteopathy and postnatal osteopathy treatments in Moorgate EC2:

We also offer classes in:

  • Baby carrying, in order to protect both your baby and avoid mummy’s thumb Moorgate EC2
  • Breastfeeding, in order to protect your posture and aid your baby’s digestion Moorgate Ec2

Orthopaedic Osteopathy in Moorgate EC2

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