Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage London, at Home at the Practice in London Clapham SW4, Moorgate Monument EC3, Belgravia Westminster SW1 with our  Physiotherapist specialised in Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Specialist in London for Swollen Legs During Pregnancy, Heavy Legs, Circulatory Problems & Oedema


In order to avoid those uncomfortable sensations of swollen legs or limbs during your pregnancy, or due to circulatory issues, Mummy’s Physio offers manual lymphatic drainage and circulatory massage with our London physiotherapists specialized in lymphatic drainage.

Our physiotherapists have post-diploma training in lymphatic drainage where they learn lymphatic drainage techniques for all types or oedema (post plastic surgery, general surgery, trauma) and lymphedema. Our Physiotherapists have years of experience treating patients with the latest lymphatique drainage methods, in France and in the UK..

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Lymphatic Drainage at Home in London

We offer offer lymphatic drainage at home London. Some of our patients prefer to do their lymphatic drainage in the privacy and comfort of their home in London so our physiotherapists MLD specialist offer home visit in central London, West London, North London, South London and East London.

Lymphatic drainage in London at the Practice in Clapham SW4, Moorgate Monument EC3, Belgravia Westminster SW1

We offer lymphatic drainage in three locations across London: in Monument in the City of London, between London Bridge and Bank stations, at Light Centre Belgravia in Westminster near Victoria station, and at our physiotherapy practices in Clapham between Clapham South and Clapham Common stations.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

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Lymphatic drainage during pregnancy: heavy and tired legs treatment

Lymphatic drainage during pregnancy in London

Lymphatic drainage or deep tissue massage will offer you immediate relief, lightness and the comfort you deserve during your pregnancy. If the treatment takes place at your home, you will be able to increase the benefits of the lymphatic drainage or massage by relaxing in bed afterwards, lying down with you feet up (position improving the circulation).

What is Lymphatic Drainage for heavy legs during pregnancy?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a very soft tissue massage, which uses light pressure in a specific order and specific rhythm in order to stimulate the lymphatic system and to bring back the lymph to its normal flow. It is the most efficient treatment to avoid and to relieve swollen and heavy legs, cellulite or oedema. Depending on where you problem comes from, or if you prefer it, you can also choose circulatory massage which is deeper tissue massage than lymphatic massage and is very efficient in stimulating blood circulation.

Why do I need Lymphatic Drainage during pregnancy?

In the third trimester of the pregnancy some circulatory problems often appear: swollen legs, or/and feet, oedemas, cramps. The poor circulation is responsible for the uncomfortable sensation of tired and heavy legs.

The poor circulation is the consequence of two main factors generating poor blood return and water retention:

The first one, mechanic, is the result of the compression of the inferior vena cava (IVC) by the uterus that expands with the baby and compresses the main vein carrying the blood up from the legs. With the growth of your baby the compression increases and the normal blood return to you lower limbs decreases.

The second factor is hormonal and linked to the high concentration of oestrogen and relaxin secreted by your body during pregnancy. Indeed, these two hormones decrease the tonus of your veins.

As your veins become hypotonic and are compressed by your womb, it becomes more difficult for the blood to flow back to the upper body; thus it stagnates in the lower limbs longer. This, together with the water retention, causes your legs to swell and makes them feel heavy and tired. The circulatory disorders can sometimes continue after the pregnancy or can appear even without pregnancy.

Lymphatic drainage will helps the lymph and blood moving out of the legs and going up and back into the lymph system and remove this heavy legs or tired legs sensation during your pregnancy

Lymphatic drainage is also effective if your are not pregnant (cellulite, swollen legs, surgery)

Lymphatic drainage is not only for pregnant women. It also beneficial for men and women alike, when they suffer from oedema due to cancer, a surgery or an accident. It is also effective for people with circulatory problems or heavy leg sensation. From an aesthetic view, lymphatic drainage allows you to improve the appearance of the skin on your thighs and buttocks by removing cellulite and preventing the orange peel effect.

What can I expect during a Lymphatic Drainage session with a physiotherapist

Lymphatic drainage: Preparation

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle manual technique designed to reroute lymphatic fluid around blocked or inefficient areas of your body. It combines gentle stretching of the skin along with deep techniques such as deep breathing to stimulate your body’s own natural lymphatic function. During a typical MLD session you’ll be asked to get changed into a gown and lay down on a comfortable padded table. At that point your therapist will be working directly on your skin and actually start treating your deep lymphatic system. First the deep techniques of many lymph drainage involve a specialized deep breathing technique such as diaphragmatic breathing. This helps stimulate your deep lymphatic system that actually gets the rest of your lymph system moving more efficiently. Areas of your body that are healthy are treated first and this is why we reroute fluid around the blocked areas into the healthy tissue.

Lymphatic drainage: The working phase

Once deep breathing technique is understood, we will start our lymphatic drainage massage.

Manual lymphatic massage techniques are very gentle and involve a slow rhythmic stretching. We call this a working phase and that helps move the lymph fluid along the lymph collectors (lymphatic nodes) .

The Relaxing phase of the lymphatic drainage

Once the working phase is complete, there’s a relaxation phase where you’ll actually feel the lymphatic fluid moving out of your involved area towards the healthy parts of your body.

Lymphatic drainage: Length and feeling

When combined together, these lymphatic drainage techniques takes between 30 and 45 minutes. It’s very gentle and often works has an analgesic or a pain relieving technique or it can relax you. You may even fall asleep during these Manual lymphatic drainage techniques.

At the end of your regular MLD session your therapist may employ some deeper techniques to break up fibrotic tissue which is a scar tissue that can accumulate in your limb. These techniques will help reduce the cellulite which are little fat cells trapped under your skin.

Lymphatic drainage and its benefits

Lymphatic drainage massage has multiple benefits.

Lymphatic drainage during pregnancy: Heave legs and tired legs treatment

As discussed above, one of the pregnancy symptoms that pregnant women can feel at the end of the day is this unpleasant sensation of heavy legs or tired legs. This sensation is due to the lymph fluid not being able to be drained by the lymph node due to a bad lymphatic circulation. The lymph fluid is usually blocked in the lower part of the limbs (legs or arms) and cannot go up due to the dilatation of the vessel created by the secretion of pregnancy hormones like the relaxing which make the vessel lose their tone.

This “heavy legs” sensation during pregnancy is easily treated using manual lymphatic drainage by our physiotherapist, who, in the mean time will give your lymph system a brand-new kickstart.

Lymphatic drainage to get rid of your cellulite

Cellulite are little adipo-cells or fat cells stuck under your skin. Manual lymphatic drainage combine with palper rouler will detached and remove this fat cells from under your skin pushing them and being cleaned by your lymph system, giving your skin its smooth feeling back. Palper rouler is a French technique using gentle squeeze to remove cellulite efficiently.

Lymphatic drainage to remove the toxins from your body: Detox therapy

The main role of the lymphatic system is to clean your body from toxins and acids. By stimulating the lymphatic system your body will increase the flow of the lymph liquid and remove faster the toxins that are polluting your body.

Clean and detox your body easily with few sessions of lymphatic drainage with our physiotherapist

Lymphatic drainage to increase the immune system response

When you are ill, your lymphatic system will be the first to work against an infection. You might feel your armpit or neck’s lymph nodes being swollen and hard. This is the response from your lymphatic system trying to clean your body from this infection. By stimulating the lymph system using lymphatic drainage, our physiotherapist will help your body getting read of the infection fast and increase the response time of your immune system so it reacts faster.

Lymphatic drainage to release stress

One of the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage massage is the relaxation by stimulating slowly and gently the nervous system. While stroking and slowly stretching the skin the physiotherapist will relax the nervous system and bring to you a warm feeling of relaxation. Lymphatic drainage will reduce your stress and make your muscles relaxed; combine with deep abdominal breathing you can reach a very relaxed stage by the end of the session. You might even fall asleep during your lymphatic drainage massage, but don’t worry your physio is used to it, so close your eyes and enjoy some time for you.

Lymphatic drainage for athletes: Fast Sports recovery

The combination of two of the lymphatic drainage benefits, the relaxation and the detox, allow our physiotherapist to us lymphatic drainage to help athletes to recover faster after an effort or a competition but also to prepare him before an effort.

By removing toxins and lactide acid from the body while relaxing the muscles is the must have technique for professional athletes or athletes who which to recover faster of increase their performances.

Lymphatic drainage after a plastic surgery: how to recover faster and have a beautiful scar

After a plastic surgery, it is not rare that the area that plastic surgeon has operated on is swollen with the risk of mobility lose and the apparition of an anarchic scarring. Using lymphatic drainage after a surgery will allow to remove the oedema easily and to mobilise the scar properly so it becomes invisible and well mobile after few sessions. Lymphatic drainage is a must have if you just had a plastic surgery and that you want the best result from this plastic surgery.

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.