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Epidural Point Back Pain Postnatal Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Treatment at Your Home in London or at our Practices in Moorgate Monument EC3, Belgravia Westminster SW1 or Clapham SW4. Osteopath & physio Specialized in Epidural Pain Treatment After Pregnancy


Our London based women’s health osteopath & physiotherapist are specialized in the treatment of epidural point pain & epidural back pain after birth

For most women, an epidural administered during labour leaves no long term pain, however some women can feel pain in the back for some months, or even years after birth, especially if the anesthetist had to repeat the operation at the time of labour. The pain is generally due to a modification of the soft tissues surrounding the epidural point, and in certain cases muscle tension and vertebrae membrane can be affected too. This kind of back pain is the last thing a new mother needs, and that’s why the osteopaths at Mummy’s Physio London specialize in providing care and relief after pregnancy.

Epidural pain and Epidural Back pain Treatment in London by our Osteopath and Physiotherapist

At Mummy’s Physio in London, our osteopath and physio are specialized in the treatment of women’s health, both during pregnancy and post-natal. Each physio and osteo has years of experience in working with epidural point pain and epidural back pain, using the safest and most effective techniques for a pain-free and natural recovery.

How to treat Epidural Pain and Epidural Back Pain?

For post-natal epidural point pain, osteopathy and physiotherapy can provide pain relief and long-term solutions by using gentle movements and massages around the sensitive area, which will give information about which tissues have been damaged, and release tension around the small muscles that may have been disturbed by the epidural injection. The osteopath or the physio will also realign the pelvis and spinal areas by releasing persistent tension. A treatment plan for your care will be tailored on the first appointment, to make sure that your recovery is quick, safe and effective.

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Post-natal Epidural Back Pain Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Treatment at home or at our London practices in Moorgate Monument EC3, Belgravia Westminster SW1 or Clapham SW4

Mummy’s Physio London offers home visit appointments for osteopathy treatment, so you don’t need to worry about traveling during the tiring months after your pregnancy. If however, you prefer to come and visit us at one of our practices, then just give us a call to book in at either the Light Centre Belgravia SW1 in Westminster, near Victoria station, the Light Centre Monument between London Bridge and Bank stations or our practices in Clapham SW4 between Clapham South and Clapham Common stations.

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How Can Osteopathy  & physioterapy Treatment Relieve Epidural Point Pain After Birth?

In order to relieve you of epidural point back pain after labour, our specialized osteopath & physio will use many different gentle movements and massages on the painful area where your epidural was administered. This will enable the osteopath or physiotherapist to find out information about which different tissues have been affected, and where tension needs to be released within the small muscles around your back. Both superficial and deep membranes may have been disturbed by the injection, and it is important that the osteopath is able to detect this in order for treatment to be effective. Alongside gentle massage, the osteopath or physio will also rebalance both the spine and pelvis areas. This will help to release certain types of persistent tensions associated with epidural injections and birth.

What are the Symptoms of Post-Natal Epidural Point Pain or Epidural Back Pain?

After an epidural, some women may find that they have a localised sore point in their back, at the level that the epidural injection was administered. This may or may not be combined with diffused pain in the general area of the injection, and increased pain when carrying out certain movements. If you are unsure about any of your symptoms, then give Mummy’s Physio a call. The reception team will endeavour to answer any of your queries.

What are the Causes of Post-Natal Epidural Point Pain & Epidural Back Pain?

Although an epidural injection is administered in order to reduce strain during labour, it can leave lasting painful effects for some women after birth. The epidural injection itself is given after the skin in the general area has been anaesthetized. The needle is inserted deeply within the spine but outside of the membrane which protects the spinal nerves, in an area named the epidural space. Certain situations might cause an anaesthetist to have to repeat the operation, and this can sometimes lead to an increased risk of post-natal epidural point pain, however, birth experiences vary amongst women, and epidural point pain can also be affected by the type of delivery, length of labour, and specific sensitivity to epidural injections.

Though most women make a good recovery from the epidural procedure after a few hours, many individuals can find that there is pain still present both at the level of the epidural injection and deeper for a few months or even years. At the surface level, the tissues surrounding the epidural injection point are modified during and after the procedure, and this can result in a feeling of tenderness. At a deeper level, the epidural liquid can also modify the tension of the small muscles in your back, and the membranes and balance of the vertebra, causing much discomfort. If you are suffering from post-natal epidural point pain, call Mummy’s Physio to book an appointment with one of our specialist osteopaths.

Article by James Turgis Chartered Physiotherapist

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

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