Do you suffer from stress incontinence

Coughing, sneezing, running or heavy lifting should be everyday activities that women can carry without any fear of leakage. Unfortunately, women suffering from any form of incontinence are often too embarrassed to seek any help or advice. Incontinence will touch 1 in 4 women during a lifetime.

Half of women reporting incontinence are moderately or greatly bothered by it, 1 in 3 dress differently because of the problem, 1 in 4 say it affects their sex life and 1 one 4 said it reduces their activity levels. You are not alone in dealing with incontinence but you don’t need to just bear with it any longer.

Did you know that rehabilitative physiotherapy could reduce dramatically or even cure incontinence?
A specialist trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation will use the latest techniques and exercises to restore muscle strength.
Call our physiotherapists for advice or to book a session.

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  2. Great advice for dealing with your stress incontinence. It’s not something that you have to live with in silence.

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