The Hypopressive Method

The technique involves exhalation with expansion of the ribcage resulting in a negative pressure in the thoracic cavity, which elevates the diaphragm. After exhalation, you hold your breath and maintain for a few seconds, this will cause involuntary contractions from the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall. 
The method is repeated and held with different postures and variations.

Who can do it?


Obviously, you will need a trained physiotherapist to follow you but basically this method works for an amazing range of problems and symptoms.

Post natal or post partum is a critical time for the urogynecological future of any woman. But unfortunately the demands of today’s world mean that there is no rest for the wicked especially new mothers. 
Pelvic rehabilitation or re-education is primordial for women health.

What does the Hypropressive Method do?

It has preventive and curative results for all urinary incontinence so if you would like to be able to sneeze, cough or run without fearing a leak, this is for you. A 2007 study done by Fernandez, showed an 85% decrease or elimination of the symptoms for incontinence after a period of 6 months of training using the Hypopressive method.

The main issue, which the method was developed for, is to improve the tonicity of the core muscles, support and reposition the pelvic organs. It does, by extension, improve sexual sensation and ability for sexual pleasure thus 
contributing in a better quality of life for new mothers.

Many pregnant women and new mothers complain about diastasis recti or abdominal separation, the Hypopressive Method has a lower impact and better result for abdominal separation than traditional abdominal exercises prescribed. Excessive abdominal exercises during the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to diastase, other causes are multiple pregnancies, weight of the baby at birth and women over 35.

It also relieves back pain. Most people suffering from back pain should not perform traditional abdominal exercises; it puts an unwanted toxic pressure on the spine. Because the method strengthens the abdominal wall without putting hurtful pressure on the spine, it is a far better option for anybody suffering from chronic back pain.

Finally, and maybe what most women post pregnancy want, the Hypopressive method reduces waist size, give a flat stomach and increases tone. A study done in 2010 showed a reduction in waistline of 3.5cm after 14 weeks using the Hypopressive Method for 10 minutes a day. A lot of post partum women rush back to yoga, Pilates or even strenuous exercise in the hope of regaining their figure pre pregnancy. This is a common mistake that can cause a lot more damage than good. The pelvic muscles are not strong enough to bear with that kind of pressure nor are the abdominal muscles. 
 The Hypopressive Method will enable most women to regain a slim figure but more importantly in a safe and healthy manner.

A strong and healthy pelvic area is vital  for any women and their present and future health.

The Hypopressive Method contributes to a better quality of life for women and the feeling of being back in control of their body.