The Hypopressive Method, a revolution for the female body! Incontinence, Back Pain, Pelvic Pain treatments in a safe and efficient way

Training the pelvic floor muscles is crucial for any woman after giving birth in order to avoid incontinence or overactive bladder issues, back pain, pelvic pain or loss of sexual sensation. Getting back in shape and a flat stomach is also important. The Hypopressive Method is the ultimate method to work on all this condition in a safe and efficient way.

How does this Hypopressive Method work?

The technique involves exhalation with expansion of the ribcage resulting in a negative pressure in the thoracic cavity, which elevates the diaphragm. After exhalation, you hold your breath and maintain for a few seconds, this will cause involuntary contractions from the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall. 
The method is repeated and held with different postures and variations.

Why is the Hypopressive Method so radical for postnatal bodies?

Post partum is very a important time for women from a gynaecologic and urology point of view as well as for posture and aesthetic. Pregnancy with its associated weight gain and hormonal changes puts the female body under enormous strain. Women must rehabilitate pelvic muscles, back muscles and abdominals in order to start any form of training or Pilates without causing any further damage to the body.

Abdominal Diastasis treatment

After giving birth, some women will suffer from abdominal diastasis (stretching of connective tissues), which makes it difficult to start exercising again as it could worsen the symptoms. The Hypopressive Method will allow toning of all the muscles even those already damaged thanks to the negative pressure used which has very low to no impact.

Pelvic Pain treatment

Hypopressive Method has also great result to treat Pelvic pain as the physiotherapist can work gently on your painful pelvic muscles at any stage of the pelvic pain.