Mummy’s Physio’s interview for The Sun ‘Fabulous’ Online

Back in February, Mummy’s Physio has been interviewed by Lucy Devine & Lydia Major from The Sun in their ‘Fabulous’ section to talk about Kate Middleton and how ‘mum-hunch’ has to be taken care seriously to prevent from turning into long lasting consequences such as chronic back issues.

“Kate Middleton’s ‘mum-hunch’ could leave her with crippling back pain and stooped shoulders, warns physiotherapist”

With the growing weight of the baby, 9 months of pregnancy can’t be left without any physical changes – the body tends to adapt itself by leaning forward in order to gain balance and for this, uses a different back muscle than usually. As the centre of gravity becomes different for a quite long period of time, the body gets used to it and getting back to normal can be trickier than we think.


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