GoodtoKnow: ‘Experts warn Kate Middleton over harmful ‘mum-hunch’’

Women’s health postnatal issues, whether internal or external, have to be taken care seriously. Mariana Cerqueira from GoodtoKnow has been talking about how Kate Middleton’s and mums posture in general can affect their back with long term problems, quoting Mummy’s Physio’s advises from our last interview in The Sun’s Online Magazine about chronic back & shoulder conditions that can happen if nothing is prevented on time.

Usually known as ‘mum posture’ or ‘mum-hunch’, the very typical posture women do by arching their shoulder and leaning their head forward can cause serious health conditions if not treated. This position appears during pregnancy because of the baby growing, which makes mums arch their lower back in order to keep good balance. Unfortunately, the body adapts itself too easily and tends to keep this posture even after childbirth, resulting in long term effects on their health.


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