Every year, millions of sick days are taken because of back or neck problems. 
Long term illnesses cost businesses £3 billions a year. Companies using physiotherapy as prevention and solution have 35% less sickness absence than companies who don’t have a program.


✓ Improve employees’ health

✓ Reduce cost of sick days

✓ Increase productivity

✓ Reduce absenteeism

✓ Improve employees’ quality of life



is key to manage health related absenteeism, if you can assess the problem early enough, we are able to significantly reduce or eliminate the sick leave length.

If prevention is no longer an option, then physiotherapy is the fastest way to get your staff back to work.

Poor workstation design

is responsible for many work related injuries. Staff work long hours with repetitive movements with a lot of stress. Corrective ergonomic will prevent those work related injuries from arising and help your company to comply with health & safety regulations at the same time.

Returning to work

after an injury is costly because the productivity is greatly reduced. There is also a definite chance of relapsing if further injuries and their underlying causes are not treated. Physiotherapy offers a rehabilitative management that will significantly decrease the chances of any further problems arising while getting your staff on their feet and back to work faster.

We offer the following services at highly competitive rates


✓ On site massage

✓ Stress assessment

✓ Performance optimization

✓ Injury prevention

✓ Manual handling training

✓ Risk factor assessment

✓ Workstation modification

✓ On site fitness session

✓ Back care classes

✓ Bespoke package and treatment plans

✓ Rehabilitation services

✓ Cost effective physiotherapy solutions