Prenatal care: the secret for a smooth pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through massive changes during pregnancy and it can significantly affect your overall daily functioning. Almost all women experience some kind of discomfort during pregnancy, and as many as 25% of all pregnant women experience temporarily incapacitating problems.
Many women are not aware of pre-natal care and just go with the pain when physiotherapy and osteopathy techniques can relieve the discomfort.

A good pre-natal care can also help and prepare during pregnancy for an easier delivery and recovery process.

Symptoms that Physiotherapy & Osteopathy can resolve:
• Symphis pubis dysfunction (SPD): lower back pain with some sciatica (shooting pain in the legs or buttocks)
• General back pain
• Pelvic pain
• Poor blood circulation and haemorrhoids
• Heavy legs
• Shortness of breath
Abdominal diastasis: tear of the abdominal muscles

Having an easier delivery & recovery:

Pelvic floor exercises associated with breathing exercises help you to prepare, stretch and be aware of your pelvic muscles for a less painful and gentler delivery.
• Avoid incontinence
• Avoid episiotomy and tear.
• Avoid diastasis
Avoid posture issues

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