Baby Massage in London, What are the benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage is certainly the most pleasant form of treatment for babies. It is extremely beneficial for baby wellbeing and development. Baby massage has been used instinctively for centuries by mothers all over the world. Thanks to several studies on the topic, we understand now the many benefits of baby massage.At Baby physio, Our physiotherapist offers baby massage in London and Baby Massage course in London

Importance of baby massage for the digestive system

The first therapeutic benefit of the baby massage is the action on the digestive system. During the first months of their lives, many babies have digestion problems, constipation, colic, or gas. A specific stomach massage will restore a good digestive function and help facilitate transit . This massage must be performed with very specific techniques in order to follow the colon and not disturb transit system. Done correctly, this massage is extremely effective and relieves the baby very quickly.

If your baby has other digestive issues, our osteopath in London offers also treatment against baby reflux and other digestive issues

Importance of baby massage for sleep and relaxation

Another benefit of the massage is the relaxing effect on the baby. The hand touch on various parts of the body stimulates the skin receptors, which reassure and calm. Feeling the touch of the hands relaxes and reassures him because of the focus and special attention from the parents. This massage is very effective for babies who have trouble sleeping because it calms their anxieties and allows them to have a deeper and less disturbed sleep . A baby who sleeps well is a welcome relief for exhausted parents.

This massage also stimulates the baby’s circulatory system and improves elimination of toxins from the lymphatic system, which, in turn increases overall vitality.

If your baby has sleeping disorders ( baby has difficulties in falling asleep baby wakes up several times a night and baby cries a lot at night) our osteopath in London offers also treatment against baby sleeping disorders in London


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Importance of baby massage on baby developmental delays

The baby makes his first tactile experience in the first months of his life, the stimulation of the skin receptors can also help with neuro-motor development and thus enables him to develop his movements and walk faster. This is beneficial for babies with a slight delay.

If your baby has walking or developmental delays in London our specialised paediatric neuro physiotherapist can offer a specific treatment to your baby.

Our Baby massage in London is done by an experienced physiotherapist but can be taught to either parent who will be able to introduce massage to their daily routine. Be aware, some parts of this massage must be done very precisely in order not to go against the direction of the digestive system or the circulatory system of the baby . At Baby Physio, we offer baby massages in London done by a specialized physiotherapist, but also courses teaching parents the essential gestures and especially those to avoid.

Parents bonding &  baby massage in London

The fact that parents do the massage themselves helps strengthen the bond with their child. Massaging your baby has also a relaxing effect on parents as they create a moment of complicity and calm with their child.