Postnatal Women’s Health check up in London, Be sure to be well

Mummy’s physio is a French Physiotherapy practice in London specialising in helping pregnant women and new mothers overcome any issues they experience as a result of their pregnancy or giving birth. However, we don’t only stop there, we dedicate ourselves to resolving a variety of health issues specific to women and helping women lead a healthier and happier life.

Why should you do a postnatal women’s health check up?

Many women don’t realise that there are easy and non-invasive treatments to the issues they experience, such as prolapse, incontinence or lyphoedema following mastectomy, so they don’t seek treatment with a physiotherapist. Others feel embarrassed to talk to someone about issues such as incontinence or experiencing pain during intercourse, so their symptoms can go untreated for a long time. However, all these conditions and more can be treated with physiotherapy and improve the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing and overall quality of life. A full women’s health assessment with our specialised physiotherapist will allow you to know exactly which issue you may have and which treatment can be done instead of suffering in silence.

Women’s health issues that can be treated with physiotherapy

Incontinence and urological issues
Chronic pelvic pain
Swollen legs during pregnancy
Back pain or pelvic pain during pregnancy
Lymphoedema or cording after breast cancer surgery
Sexual dysfunction
Abdominal diastasis

Post natal Women’s health check-up in London

If you are based in London and you are worried about any women’s health issues, you can book a women’s health check-up with our physiotherapist for an overall assessment of your health and a specialised evaluation of the issues you are experiencing.
If you are currently pregnant you can have a prenatal assessment and treatment to alleviate any pain and discomfort caused by the pregnancy.
If you have recently given birth, a postnatal check up will help identify any problematic areas physiotherapy can help with, such as prolapse, weak pelvic muscles from labour or diastasis recti (separation of your abdominal muscles).

Women’s health physiotherapy in London

Following the assessment our specialised women’s health physiotherapist can create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and abilities. This will help you recover from any women’s health condition safely and effectively.

For information or to book a full women’s health assessment with our physiotherapist call 02071250262

We offer home visits or you can be seen at our physiotherapy practice in Belgravia near Victoria Station or Moorgate near Liverpool Street Station or Moorgate Station.