Want to find the best Lymphatic drainage in London

Women  often experience circulatory problems and oedema. It can appear anywhere in the body, but it is most common in the legs, ankles, feet and hands.

Why choose our lymphatic drainage in London?

Lymphatic drainage or circulatory massage will give you immediate relief from swollen and painful legs or feet and more comfort whether you are pregnant or not. The benefits of lymphatic drainage are immediate but its effects last longer. Regular treatment with our specialised physiotherapist has given many women who suffered from heavy or swollen legs long-term relief.

Lymphatic drainage in London is efficient for any woman with circulatory issues

For many reasons, women of all ages can feel this heavy legs sensation or have periods where their legs are painful and swollen. If you experience these symptoms, our lymphatic drainage treatment is for you.

What is lymphatic drainage and circulatory massage?

Lymphatic drainage is a soft tissue massage using light pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system and bring back the normal flow of lymphatic fluid. Circulatory massage is deeper tissue massage than lymphatic massage and stimulates the blood return very efficiently. Both techniques can be carried out at the comfort of your own home by a specialized physiotherapist or if you prefer you can be treated in our physiotherapy practice in Belgravia near Victoria Station or Moorgate near Liverpool Street

We offer lymphatic drainage with our specialised physiotherapist on short notice: 02071250262