10 new tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is probably one of the most common issues. With the weight of the baby shifting the centre of gravity, no wonder your body ends up suffering from these changes. Our Women’s health expert give your 10 top Tips to have a painless back during your pregnancy

Here are 10 ways to help relieve back pain during your pregnancy.

10 new tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Tip #1: Work on your posture to prevent from further back pain

The most common reflex when a pregnancy body tends to lean forward as the weight of the baby pulls on it, is to lean back. But doing it can strain muscles and bring or worsen back pain during pregnancy.

Instead, try to keep a straight back by standing tall, keeping your shoulders relaxed and at the back, and holding your chest high.

Tip #2: Watch out for lower back pain when lifting

Avoid lifting heavy things and for small objects, the best is to stay straight when bending your knees down and lifting up with your legs. Don’t bend at the waist.

Tip #3: Choose the right shoes for better back support

Avoid high heels. Instead, switch up for low heeled shoes with good arch support.

Tip #4: Wear a maternity belt to help your posture during pregnancy

This is optional, but some women find maternity support belts to be quite a good help.

Tip #5: Sleep on your side

The best way to sleep when pregnant is on your side with one or both knees bent. The use of a pregnancy pillow or support pillows between your knees and under your belly will also make your nights and naps more comfortable.

Tip #6: Apply hot or cold on your back for acute relief

Even though their effectiveness can be limited, applying a heating pad, warm towel or, on the contrary, ice pack may relieve from acute pain.

Tip #7: Include low impact exercises to stretch and avoid back pain

Ask your physiotherapist or osteopath which exercises and stretches might help in relieving or avoiding back pain. Staying active will keep your back strong and might avoid further back issues or back pain. But keep in mind it is better to seek help from a pregnancy specialist first, in order to know which activities or exercises are best for your conditions.

Tip #8: Do gentle back exercises to strengthen your back

Smooth and gentle back and lower back exercises to strengthen your back will help maintain toned lower back muscles and so support the extra weight of your baby and avoid you to suffer during your pregnancy. Ideally, starting this lower back exercises as soon as you know you are pregnant will allow you to lower the risk of back pain during pregnancy (studies show clearly this results)

Tip #9: Drink water

The discs between your vertebra could be compared to a disc of gelly, if you don’t drink enough water during your pregnancy, the discs assuring good protection for a healthy back can start to slowly dry due to the pressure increase due to the baby weight. They will then lose mobility of your back and you might feel it like back pain, even more, if you don’t do regular gentle exercises.

Tip #10: See a pregnancy specialist for safe back pain treatments and prevention

A women’s health and pregnancy specialised physiotherapist or osteopath will be able to provide acute and long-lasting relief with personalised treatments depending on the type of backache you’re having.,

Massages, stretching, exercises, advices, manipulations or complementary therapies (e.g. dry needling) can help ensure a safe pregnancy, as pain-free as possible.


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