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Strong Mum by Milo and the Bull (Clapham)

Since 2021 Milo and the Bull has been running a fantastic Strong Mum program offering pre and post-natal women across South London a sanctuary for training alongside their babies. 

Strong Mum is a community of like-minded mums and mums-to-be, who want safe and expert training in the solidarity of a local community. 

Milo and the Bull believe having a baby should not be an obstacle in enjoying the benefits of staying strong, fit and healthy. For most, the biggest obstacle for training is having to organise childcare, this is why, at Strong Mum,  Milo and the Bull welcomes babies to join women in the studio while they work out. 

Mothers are welcomed into the studio for Strength, Conditioning and Yoga sessions each week. These sessions offer the perfect blend of exercise for building strength and fitness and ultimately looking after the body, mind and mobility. Not only do Mothers find themselves enjoying the training aspect of these classes, they also meet friends and locals who they can share their training journey with. 

Milo and the Bull offer two different programs which run on different days of the week. 

The Foundation Course runs on Wednesdays and Fridays and runs as a 6 week program. The Team at Milo firmly believes that all new Strong Mums should commit to as much of the full Foundation Course as possible in order to ensure a safe return to exercise. After completing the Foundation Course, mums can attend Progress Classes as and when they chose to, with drop In classes and class packs available.

To find out more about Strong Mum and Milo and the Bull checks out their website here.


“Having stayed fit throughout my whole pregnancy I expected to feel strong post birth – which wasn’t necessarily the case. Strong Mum has helped build my core strength which in turn has reduced my lower back pain. Each week I feel excited to go to the classes as I start to feel more and more like my old self again. Being able to bring my baby (and puppy) along to the classes is the cherry on top. I would recommend Strong Mum to any new mother with a keen interest in getting fit and strong” – MAIREAD