Postnatal Women’s Health check up in London, Be sure to be well

Mummy’s physio is a French Physiotherapy practice in London specialising in helping pregnant women and new mothers overcome any issues they experience as a result of their pregnancy or giving birth. However, we don’t only stop there, we dedicate ourselves to resolving a variety of health issues specific to women and helping women lead a healthier and happier life.
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The Hypopressive Method, a revolution for the female body! Incontinence, Back Pain, Pelvic Pain treatments in a safe and efficient way

Training the pelvic floor muscles is crucial for any woman after giving birth in order to avoid incontinence or overactive bladder issues, back pain, pelvic pain or loss of sexual sensation. Getting back in shape and a flat stomach is also important. The Hypopressive Method is the ultimate method to work on all this condition in a safe and efficient way. Read more

Women’s Health London: Pelvic floor rehabilitation and perineum

Women’s Health London

Giving birth is an extraordinary moment in a woman’s life, but the nine months of pregnancy put an extraordinary amount of pressure of the pelvic and abdominal muscles. The weight of the baby will of course keep increasing during pregnancy and the body will go through a physiological response of hyper secretion hormones such as oestrogen and relaxin; both actions will result in muscles being greatly stretched. Read more

Physiotherapist in Moorgate, city of London

Whether you suffer from a sport injury, have recently been through a surgery, are looking for rehabilitation or suffer from chronic pain, a good physiotherapist in London will help you recover with fewer efforts. From back pain to neck pain, from neurological conditions such as a stroke, to muscular pain, everything can be treated with the help of physiotherapy. Our Physiotherapist can see you in Moorgate when ever it is convenient for you.

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All you Need to Know about Osteopathy and How our Osteopath in London can help you and your family

Just like there are hundreds different kinds of pains, there are hundreds different kinds of treatments as well. One of the most popular treatments is osteopathy, which is a type of drug-free manual medicine that concentrates on the entire health of the body.

In this treatment, the musculoskeletal framework is strengthened by treating in a manual medicine manner. This framework includes joints, spine and muscles. It greatly affects the nervous system of the body, the lymphatic systems and the circulatory systems as well.
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